2022 Port Clinton Lighthouse & Maritime Festival

The Port Clinton Lighthouse & Maritime Festival is back after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, and we’re going to make it the biggest and best yet! We’re partnering with the Port Clinton Area Arts Council and new events will include a wooden boat show, a plein air art program and kite-flying. Because the path around the pond is completed, we’re hoping to expand the size of the festival, adding vendors, activities, and, possibly, extending the festival’s hours into the evening. August evenings on the lake are exceptionally beautiful.

The Port Clinton Lighthouse & Maritime Festival was established to celebrate Port Clinton’s rich maritime heritage, exemplified by the beautifully restored Port Clinton Lighthouse, the last remaining wooden pier light on Lake Erie. The one-day festival features lighthouse tours, nautically themed art and educational programs, food and merchandise vendors, music and other entertainment, and stunning views of the Lake Erie Islands. Big changes are in store for this year’s festival, some of which are noted above.

This year the date of the event is again the third Saturday in August–Saturday, August 20th. The third weekend in August is International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW) and is celebrated by lighthouses and amateur radio enthusiasts throughout the world. By the way, the name of the event–The Port Clinton Lighthouse & Maritime Festival–now more accurately reflects our intent to make this an event that truly captures Port Clinton’s intimate relationship with the Lake Erie and Portage River. The festival will again be held in Lighthouse Park, east of Waterworks Park, where we have the replica Keeper’s Boathouse, as well as landscaping improvements, extra seating and eating areas. Our plan is on schedule to have restrooms, in keeping with the other structures’ designs, open for the summer season, also.

If you are interested in being a vendor for the 2022 Lighthouse Festival, click here.