August 25, 2016

Thank you from the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy

arranged alphabetically within category

Public Sector

 Mayor Hugh Wheeler and Port Clinton City Council deserve credit for supporting this effort. Without that support, this project could never have been completed. Kudos to Mayor Wheeler. You really did make completion of this project much easier.

Port Clinton Police and Fire Departments for their assurance of safety during THE MOVE and for keeping an eye on the lighthouse.

Tracy Colston – Safety Service Director, patiently and competently meshed the city’s interests with the plans of the Conservancy.

U.S. Coast Guard for being there on MOVE day to assure nautical safety.

200th Red Horse Squadron – – Weighed the lighthouse in preparation for the MOVE and working with us to create new sidewalks.

Private Sector

BEC Associates did all the surveying and authenticating for our lighthouse’s 60 foot by 60 foot little plot of land.

Bill Caswell, Dave Mehl, Terry Breymaier for spending some long winter days in the Brand’s Marina storage shed painting and caulking and sweeping up.

Captain John’s Nauticals casted the bronze cupola vents (there are four vents in the cupola).

Coffee Express for providing warm beverages to the work crew when they were moving the lighthouse in 2012 during thirty-degree weather. AND for a warm place to meet and a gracious welcome whenever we gather.

Dave Dubbert from Ohler & Holzhauer provided the fittings for the internal handrails. We also thank David and Lisa for being our newest Charter Member.

Deemer Roofing from Fremont did all the replacement copper work on the cupola roof and the cupola decking. They also helped straighten the vent ball once it was cleaned (by Bill Moon) and restored (by Michele Bighouse).

Dennis Tester for helping to finish the bronze cupola vents and building the sign supports.

Dwight Jefferies of Geo. Gradel Co. for helping to load the stone that landscapes the lighthouse area at the Lefrage Quarry.

Geoff Mendenhall, for photographically documenting the MOVE from barge through drawbridge through final placement.

George Wilber for assisting us in becoming incorporated in the State of Ohio.

Gwen Garrett and Mario Inchausti for providing the excellent video montage presentation for the first public meeting in 2012.

Homestead Hardwoods is where we got the cypress wood for the external portion of the cupola.

Jerry Baum, a talented local guitarist and computer guru, for setting up and assisting us with our website.

John Burkin, Engineer, was responsible for assisting Bill Moon in foundation design and all the intricacies of the base of the lighthouse which could double as a launch pad for NASA.

John Coppeler, our invaluable local attorney who gave of his time and was instrumental at helping us negotiate the complex legalities and political realities to mesh state, local, EPA, and other authorities into a signed agreement. He was with us every step of the way.

Keith Heileman placed the large landscaped stone.

Lefarge Quarries provided all the stone at no cost to us and we appreciate their assistance. Nicole at Lafarge was very, very helpful.

Lodi Lumber from the Ohio Amish area that specially milled all the replacement lumber for the lighthouse.

Mark Coppeler – Coppeler Electrical – for running the conduit to deliver electricity to the lighthouse and for other electrical hook-ups.

Mary’s Blossom Shop for being so willing to accept, display, and sell Tammy Almendinger’s copper jewelry and art in her shop.

Michael Thorbahm, Surveyor, did the original survey at the lighthouse site.

Michele Bighouse, IPS Treatment, Toledo, ably restored the vent ball (round object on top of cupola). We were unsuccessful locating a Port Clinton Vent Ball Restorer but that is definitely a local business opportunity for someone.

Nick James, Nick James Productions, for creating excellent presentation videos of the restoration and for documenting THE MOVE. We look forward to his future work on the Lighthouse as we reach completion

Peggy Debien and Kathy Jo Schweitzer for assisting in getting the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy started back in 2011.

Port Clinton Glass did excellent work replacing the five windows in the cupola.

J. Stovicek and Associates – Our landscape architect for providing models, expertise, and design assistance in developing the landscaping plan for the lighthouse area. It will look beautiful when it is complete

Ray Brooks, Gill Construction, for so ably and generously donating their barge, their personnel, their trucks and other things that go, for the MOVE. They were involved one hundred percent.

Sam Conte at Lakecraft made steel plates that were used to reconstruct the base of the lighthouse that suffered considerable deterioration after sixty years sitting on the ground.

Sam Halstead helped take the cupola off and re-build the eight sides of the cupola in his shop.

Schaedler Enterprises, Inc., for the crane operation for the MOVE.

Sew Much More for embroidery and t-shirt production.

Tammy Almendinger, early on in this venture, offered to donate 100% of her jewelry and other art objects fashioned from the old lighthouse copper roof and decking to the Conservancy. To date, that has raised $4000 (please visit Mary’s Blossom Shop and Unique in downtown Port Clinton)

Tom Evans – Masonry Construction – Outstanding work on the complexities of our foundation. Above and beyond. We appreciate also that Tom (and his wife, Lois) are Charter Members of the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse.

Special Recognition

 Anonymous Donor (for underwriting the acquisition of our Fresnel Lens)

Darrell Brand and Family (for preserving the light and having the vision to see this to completion)

Dave B. Jeremy and Family (for saving the lighthouse from destruction)