•          If you travel down Perry Street in Port Clinton you have no doubt noticed all the work going on along the lakeshore dealing with invasive species abatement east of the Lighthouse area and dealing with landscaping enhancements in the Lighthouse area. All the Lighthouse enhancements are on our dime. 
             One of those Lighthouse enhancements was an initiative by a subcommittee of the Lighthouse Conservancy to secure funds for purchase of “The Keeper” sculpture that has been on loan and displayed at the Lighthouse. Thanks to you (over 200 individuals, families, and businesses have contributed), we have raised the funds for this purchase and we would like to invite you to a ceremony to commemorate success of this latest improvement to the area. 
             This may also be a good time to personally see improvements in the area which have included grading of the southern Derby Pond to Perry Street area to minimize flooding and puddle water, installation of an eight foot wide crushed stone path around Derby Pond and connecting to all parking lots, the Lighthouse, the Boathouse, and the 1812 Memorial. Yet to come this fall, with fingers crossed for weather and vendor cooperation, will be seeding the Lighthouse area and paving of the current crushed stone pathway. This will be an excellent opportunity see what your contributions have made possible. In the springtime, we hope to complete the project by installing benches around the path along with historical signage.
  • Virtual Tour – Indeed, we have also been Covided. However, if you would like a virtual tour of the Lighthouse please click on the Video section of this website.
  • Please note: The Port Clinton Lighthouse is in a city park that has plenty of nearby parking and a visit to the area is always welcome. It is easy to maintain proper distance and to be safe. We had planned to open the Lighthouse for visitors in the afternoon on Memorial Day and each Saturday afternoon until Labor Day. Due to limited space within the Lighthouse it seems unlikely at this time that we will be able to responsibly offer tours. Please watch this spot for updates and feel free to send us a message through this website.
  • Click on SHOP at the top of the page and get ready for shopping! The store will be located in the Boathouse (see below) and information regarding hours is forthcoming. A wide variety of items is available online from which to choose gifts–or a little something for yourself! When they reopen, Lilly and Gert’s, on 2nd St., and Unique, on Madison St., in downtown Port Clinton, will once again have some PCLC items for sale at this. All proceeds from your purchases support the PC Lighthouse Conservancy and its place within our historic community on the Lake Erie waterfront. Please call or send a message with any questions or suggestions.
  • Our plan at this time, dependent upon limiting factors, of course, is to work on abatement of continued flooding at the south end of Derby Pond. Only after we’ve accomplished that can we begin the project connecting the Jefferson and Adams parking lots, Boathouse, Lighthouse, and 1812 Memorial on Perry Street to a handicapped-accessible path circling Derby Pond. Because of membership support and ongoing help through the Stensen Fund, we should complete this in 2020.
  • We’ve received sponsorship ($2500) for all but one of five benches to be installed along the path. If you would like to sponsor that fifth bench, please contact us.
  • Please continue to check here for information regarding the Lighthouse area development and hours. Meanwhile, as you drive past the Lighthouse, look to its light as a true beacon of hope for all of us, as we work toward the time when life is again moving forward.
  • For those traveling to Port Clinton and wishing to visit the Lighthouse, enter Port Clinton Lighthouse (or 421 E. Perry St.) into your GPS or digital map.                                   
  • WANT TO BE A KEEPER OF THE PORT CLINTON LIGHTHOUSE? Click here for a membership form. Why not join the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse and get periodic updates, early notice of openings, special deals, and, most importantly, tangibly demonstrate your support? Become a Keeper of the Port Clinton Lighthouse! Your friends and neighbors have! Click here to see a current list of Keepers.
  • If you are visiting Port Clinton and want your Lighthouse Passport stamped, the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, located on Madison St., will be able to stamp it for you Monday through Friday. In addition, Lilly & Gert’s, located on 2nd St. across from the Post Office, will have a stamp, and they’ll be available during the weekend as well as during the week. Be certain to visit these two fine businesses and other merchants in downtown Port Clinton. If you are an ardent Lighthouse Passport with compulsive desires for collection, you can always send us a request for a lighthouse stamp by including a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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