Springing Forward!
Photo by Sandy Giangrande, March 2023

As a relatively mild winter comes to an end here in Port Clinton, we look forward to seeing the little bit of snow that we had disappear completely, to watching those spring bulbs and various buds do their magic, and to immersing ourselves in plans for 2023’s Lighthouse events.

For starters, the Walleye Festival will be held Memorial Day weekend, as usual. The Lighthouse Festival is going to be held on August 19th this year from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. More information will be forthcoming, so please continue to check this spot regularly. And please click on the heading for this year’s festival if you’re interested in being a vendor.

The Lighthouse will be open to the public for tours beginning on Saturday, May 27, from noon until 5 p.m. It then will be open each Saturday through September 2 during those same hours. Please note that if you’re a Keeper, you may contact the Conservancy at any time to schedule a tour of the Lighthouse for family and friends—free of cost, of course.

Waterworks Park, home to our Lighthouse, offers access to the lake with parking lots and walkways. We have sixteen benches placed around the park for visitors to enjoy delightful views of the Lighthouse and the lake. The Friends of Port Clinton City Parks, the City of Port Clinton and the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy together are working diligently to finish building a much-needed restroom facility, or “comfort station,” compatible with the designs of the Lighthouse and the Boathouse. At this time, it appears that the comfort station will be open for use by the beginning of May. All utilities are provided by the City of Port Clinton.

The pathway around Derby Pond is fully paved, accessible to joggers, walkers, cyclists, baby carriages, wheelchairs, strollers and the like. The town and the ODNR had the path finished so that it meets ecological standards. The benches, which have been sponsored by Keepers in memory of loved ones, are awaiting your arrival so that you can enjoy the lake view and people-watching. The landscaping is beautiful, in keeping with its natural lakefront surroundings.

The new picnic tables at the park are available thanks to sponsors, and are compatible in design with the benches, the Lighthouse and the Boathouse. If you are interested in sponsoring a picnic table or would simply like to learn more about the project, please call 419-797-2504.

All of the improvements to the Lighthouse area have been made possible by members’ contributions, with cooperation among the city, local and not-so-local groups. The work provided by volunteers has been invaluable. Those of you who come to visit us each year now are also able to enjoy a beautiful strip of beach along the shoreline, providing us with additional resources and incentive for improvement. We thank all of you for your ongoing support. We hope to continue to meet and, hopefully, exceed your expectations. Please send us your comments!

Please watch this spot for updates and feel free to send us a message through this Web site, as always.
The updated 2022 list of Keepers is on the Keepers page.

Your Keeper Memberships make possible enormous support for the ongoing growth and events at the Port Clinton Lighthouse grounds. Listed here are some of the areas for which the Keepers have contributed substantial help:

–Ongoing maintenance of the Lighthouse, Boathouse, and landscaped area (Perry Street to Lake Erie, Fulton Street to Washington Street).

–The Jeremy and Brand Family Picnic Grove, located in the northeast corner near the large tree. It includes permanent handicapped-accessible tables, movable tables and improved trash receptacles.

–Electricity to the Boathouse.

–Increased insurance coverage and long-term care funds.

–Combined with major support from the Friends of Port Clinton Parks and the City of Port Clinton, a much-needed Comfort Station, with restrooms and shower facilities. With financial help from our Keepers, this project is on time to be ready for the Memorial Day weekend. If you wish to contribute directly to this special project, please send donations to the Friends of Port Clinton Parks at FPCP, 105 Hayes Street, Port Clinton, OH 43452.

–The Lighthouse Festival, after a hiatus of two years, bigger and better than ever, thanks to your support! And thanks to all of you, again, for making it so successful!

A large permanent sign welcoming you to the Port Clinton Lighthouse is installed near the 1812 Memorial, and is visible from either the east or west on Perry Street. Special-event notices will continue to be posted temporarily over the sign when warranted so we all know what’s going on at the Lighthouse and surrounding area! The flagpole is better illuminated at night now, so we can see the flag more easily. Again, all courtesy of our generous Keepers!

  • Virtual Tour: We’re offering a virtual tour of the Lighthouse! Please click on the Video section above to enjoy it.

Have any of you tried out the model lighthouse plans included above?  Please let us know, possibly with photos, how your model-building goes. It looks like a good, positive challenge for a range of ages, courtesy of a friend of the lighthouse, Marie Blunt. Give it a try!

  • Click on SHOP at the top of the page to do your Lighthouse shopping!  Clair Jeremy, whose grandfather was responsible for saving the Lighthouse in 1952 (it could have been set afire!), is manning the virtual shop. He’ll answer your questions and may share a story or two with you! The boathouse itself will be open Saturdays and Sundays from noon till 5 p.m., beginning Memorial Day weekend and on through Labor Day weekend. The electrification process is almost completed at the boathouse, also.

  • A wide variety of items also is available online. Lilly and Gert’s, at their wonderful new location at 1622 E. Perry St., and Unique, on Madison St., in downtown Port Clinton, both have Lighthouse items for sale. All proceeds from your purchases support the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy and its place within our historic community on the Lake Erie waterfront. Please call or send a message with any questions or suggestions.

  • Please continue to check here for information regarding the Lighthouse area development and hours.

  • For those traveling to Port Clinton and wishing to visit the Lighthouse, enter Port Clinton Lighthouse (or 421 E. Perry St.) into your GPS or digital map.                  

  • WANT TO BE A KEEPER OF THE PORT CLINTON LIGHTHOUSE? Click here for a membership form. Why not join the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse and get periodic updates, early notice of openings, special deals, and, most importantly, tangibly demonstrate your support? Your memberships support all of our events, including the Festival, and, of course, all the development and maintenance of this remarkable lakeside pleasure. Become a Keeper of the Port Clinton Lighthouse!

  • Click here to see a current list of Keepers.

  • If you are visiting Port Clinton and want your Lighthouse Passport stamped, the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce (call for hours at 419-734-5503), located on Madison St., will be able to stamp it for you Monday through Friday. In addition, Lilly & Gert’s, at their new location at 1622 E. Perry St., will have a stamp available during their shop hours. If you’re an ardent Lighthouse Passport owner with compulsive desires for collection, you can always send us a request for a lighthouse stamp by including a self-addressed stamped envelope.

It’s never too late to contact us, as noted above, for a membership application.

Please plan to visit us this year at the Lighthouse on ever-changing Lake Erie, enjoying the park and surrounding area, including our historic downtown’s shops, restaurants and more! We look forward to welcoming you!