You can always visit the lighthouse but we currently closed for tours for the season (we will open for the Marblehead Lighthouse Festival October 12).  You can always send us a message if you have questions. We are far better responding to messages than updating this website………….

  • What is going on at the Lighthouse now  — The Lighthouse has just received a new coat of paint on the exterior, paved pathways connecting the Lighthouse, Boathouse, and main parking areas are constructed, and other landscaping features at the north end of the area are completed. Please hope for rain as that assists the newly planted grass to grow. The wetland abatement/improvement project has significantly impacted our progress but the overall result will be very positive. Thank you for your support as these enhancements could not be done without YOU.   
  • For those traveling to Port Clinton and wishing to visit the Lighthouse, enter Port Clinton Lighthouse (or 421 E. Perry St.) into your GPS or digital map.                                   
  • I WANT TO BE A KEEPER OF THE PORT CLINTON LIGHTHOUSE, Click here for a membership form. Why not join the Keepers of the Port Clinton Lighthouse and get periodic updates, early notice of openings, special “deals”, and, most importantly, tangibly demonstrate your support by becoming a Keeper of the Port Clinton Lighthouse. Your friends and neighbors have.  Click here to see a list of Keepers to date.
  • If you are visiting Port Clinton and want your Lighthouse Passport stamped, the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, located on Madison St., will be able to stamp it for you Monday through Friday. In addition, Lily & Gert’s, located on 2nd St. across from the Post Office,  will have a stamp and they are available during the weekend as well as during the week. Visit Lily & Gert’s and other merchants in downtown Port Clinton.


End of a Perfect Day

Davenport First Night

Photo by Jordan Davenport

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